Needing a little pick-me-up #1

Yesterday and today have been nothing but a consuming "fest" of our water issue in the backyard. Yesterday we had a huge down pour and because my neighbor has basically put a parking lot in his back yard we got a flood in our yard in places we have never had before. With my Italian blood in me my temper was through the roof especially when I saw the mud in front of my kiln pad. Joey and I spent the evening trying to figure out what we could do to divert the stream in our yard if our neighbor wouldn't help out. ( Personally I liked the idea of damming it back into his yard.)
This morning I awoke to this banging, bulldozer sound and when I looked out my kitchen window I could see that part of the driveway next door was being torn up. The one bad issue was the part being torn up was the only part the water flowed the other way towards my neighbors house. AHHHH....so as I was loading the kids in the car I found the one worker that spoke English and he confirmed that this was the case and that part of the driveway was going to be re-poured to flow...well basically back into our yard more.
Long story short, when I finally got home from my gallery visit I was either on the phone to Joey upset or trying to reason with my neighbor about the issue and then finally down to the planning department in town to get some advise. Very stressful day.
The outcome by 6:30 was Joey outside with a glass of wine in his hand laughing and straightening it out with our neighbor. I always tend to get the ball rolling with things ( and get my dander up) and then Joey comes in and smooths it out. I think they decide to grate our yard, put in a swell and I have the option of top dirt in my mud area with the walk way of either stepping stones or gravel from my kiln shed. Lets hope this is over after this.


Anonymous said...

Things will get better Ms. Mecca. New kilns are always an adventure; just like some neighbors! Just think about how great those pots are going to look coming out of that new kiln. Talk to you soon, I hope.

Jen Mecca said...

It has been some week. I'm having one of those "why am I a potter? " weeks. I could use a good weekend show around you and Betty Lou to laugh about my woo's. When are you coming this way?j