Making Dinnerware

I've had dinnerware on the brain lately. I guess all the plates we use for day to day use are mostly my rejects. I've bought and traded a few lunch plates with people but most of the dinner plates are mine. A lot of my other potter friends have wonderful collections of different people's work and I'm always vowing these days to buy/trade more handmade dinnerware when I'm out and about at shows and such. I do have a wonderful 10 piece place setting that Joey and I got when we were married by my friend Brad Tucker. About the first two months we were married unfortunately some pieces got broken so I have put it away and only bring it out for special meals. Brad also does not like making dinnerware so I know I need to hold on to what I have because I may not get more! ( By the way Brad, where is that soap pump you promised me 10 years ago? Ha)

So dinnerware has been on my brain because every time I eat off of one of my plates, I really don't enjoy the way food sit one it and looks on it. Either the plates is to huge or the color is wrong. I enjoy doing dinnerware for folks but don't know that the place settings I do are really everyday wear.

This week I've been throwing plates and bowls to make up a new set and see how I like it. I kind of just want to keep going with it and playing with different plates patterns and see what kind of sets I can create out of just my plate design. I have established bowls that I make and sell frequently so I keep wondering weather I should design something around them or start fresh. This setting I've been throwing this week actually is designed around a bowl type I've started making this year. I'm making just four sets of whatever I come up with and figure I can sell these in pieces at some retail shows. When I get one I really like I plan on approaching my galleries to see if they would like to add it to there dinnerware section. I'll get some photo's up soon of these and you can tell me what you think.

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