Saturday I went to this great huge fabric store we have in Gastonia called Mary Jo's. I had to get flag fabric because I'm having my mother-in-law ( who is fantastic with a sewing machine) make me a flag/banner for my booth to add a little more flare to my set-up. Anyways, my mom came with me and we went to the mall, which I pretty much never do anymore and we looked at shoes. I noticed in the big department stores how Crock's are the rage these days and I had to chuckle to myself because I had some when they were really just funny looking shoes potters and gardeners wore to work in. You can pretty much get crock's in any shade you want and now the company is making snow boots for kids , flip flops and these kind of shoes boots that remind me of duck boats, which were all the rage when I was in high school. I started to think of how clever the designer was to come up with these type of shoes and how lucky he was that they caught on in some way. Really if you look at someone with them on walking around, the shoes kind of look like clown feet. I have to admit I really don't wear mine out in public for this very reason. Some people can pull the look off but for some reason I feel just short, compacted and goofy looking with them on in public. Come to my house on any given day though and you'll find me in them. On the other hand I think they look great on kids and I love any kind of shoes I can toss in the washing machine - my kids have the K-mart version because $28 bucks spent on kids shoes in out of budget.

After the morning clean up on Friday, this is how the door leading out to my studio looked.

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Was surfing pottery sites and stumbled onto your blog this morning... Mary Jo's!! I haven't thought of that in a decade, I bet...but what a place! I've lived in Florida for 13 years, but before that lived in Charlotte. I'm not a seamstress, but the quilters in my family just lovvvvved MJ's. Glad to know it's still around :)