Bringing the Kiln Home

We just got back from our adventure of breaking down Ann's kiln. It actually was not as hard as I had thought or as tiring. It took us about two half days ( we had the kids with us so we had to stop early the first day to save my mother-in-law) and than we finished up Sunday morning. Ann and Stan Riggs where wonderful in remaking the arch form to take the kiln apart and helping out a lot with vital information we will need for putting it back together and getting it up and running. They have a beautiful house and the yard is spectacular. I can see that since Ann is no longer making pots that her new full time job is her gardens. I have to admit when I walked into her studio and saw all the pots that had been made but now yet even bisque I felt sort of bad to be taking all her equipment away. ( I should of taken some photo's of her finished work that she had up on shelves because Ann does make wonderful pots.)
Here are some photo's of us numbering all the bricks so we could box them up and hopefully put this puzzle back together soon. I think we went a little hog wild on our numbering system but the two of us didn't want to leave anything in question so all the bricks, boxes and the way we put them into our shed is in some sort of ( what we think) logical order.

If I hadn't said before, this kiln is a catanary arch kiln so an arch form needs to be constructed before any bricks go up. The arch form helps you put the brick in place and then once the key brick is in, the form slides out and it is free standing. ( If you do everything right!)

Tomorrow night I'm anxious to get back in my studio and throw. I did manage to sell some pots this weekend to a gallery in Greenville NC so I have to start making stuff Arts In The Park in Blowing Rock NC.


Anonymous said...

hey jen, what weekend are you coming to art in the park?, i would love to see your work in real life! congrats on the kiln, i am excited to see how you put it all back together...please post a pic of the arch yall build, coolbeans-jeff

Jen Mecca said...

I'll be there in August. Do you ever do that show? We love that area and a chance to get away for the weekend. Come by and say HI. I was just reading your myspace account last night, I like the prints you are doing! Jen

Jen Mecca said...

Oh....its saturday the 18th....I had a brain bubble in that last post.

Anonymous said...

thanks jen, i love to paint and am hoping it is a viable source of income to compliment the pottery, i am doing the boone farmer's market, but will come and check you out after that. i have not done artnpark, but plan on doing a couple next summer.-jeff

Scott Smith said...

It's the world's biggest puzzle! We could get Quaid & Isabel to assemble it.

Way cool. I'm excited for you. Call me if you guys need an extra pair of hands.