This weekend was a tuff one for me. The reason's I do not know. Just a lot of stuff biting at my brain with unsettling thoughts. Some days I let myself get hit like this and I let myself get consumed in the muck. Joey and I are both working on being more positive about things especially around the kids. I think when your a real intuitive person its hard because you pick up all the crazy "energy"( lack of a better word) pulling at you weather good or bad. I like Monday's because I can forget whatever little thing just ate away at my brain and would not let me go, and just move on to the next fresh week.

( My kiln glazes did funny things both times I fired my kiln this weekend also and I haven't really figured out why yet). There was something in the air for sure this weekend!

Tomorrow I take pots to a gallery in Charlotte and Tuesday morning my propane tank comes. Lots of other kids things coming up this week as well.

Here are one of my favorite things out of the kiln. My little kids bowls. This photo does not due them justice.


Vicki Gill, potter said...

Hey Jen,
I can only take 4 students at a time because I only have 4 wheels. But 75% of the time, I only have 2-3. I am not that great at staying on top of calling and filling spaces. I have heard that Gaston has trouble sometimes filling classes--don't understand why because the cost is pretty inexpensive. Hope they fill up for you, it's a really nice studio space and kiln and I enjoyed the years I spent there as a professional student!
Your kiln slab looks great.

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks for the info Vicki. Sandy said she enjoyed taking classes there as well and Paula did mention to me that sometimes it is hard to fill classes. I was hoping that since it was at night and you can get credit for it ( and it was an all throwing class) that maybe it would be a good draw. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Jen