Needing a little pick-me-up Part 2

Today was the big day for my propane tank. The guy I've been dealing with about setting up the tank has been super nice to me and this morning he was all set to get me set up with my tank. But as we were talking about where to put the tank his right side man made an observation that the truck most likely would get stuck in my back yard because.....THERE WAS SO MUCH MUCK~ so, no tank today. Actually it is ok because basically had can set it up once the kiln in build, but still I was a little disappointed.
Muck has really been running rampant around here. The girls have been in very whining moods so far this week, Quaid has been overly dramatic about a host of ridicules things like lost toys,his sisters singing to load and my personal favorite..cleaning his room. I too have still been in the MUCK mode. After unloading my kiln the other day I just looked at my work and really just didn't get to excited about it. I think this must of been some what of a result of going to Articals the other day and seeing all the great work in the gallery. Also, the owner did not get a huge amount of my work, which was a bummer. She said the summer had been slow and she had just maxed out her account with some other work. We'll have to see if she buys any in the fall and than I'll decide weather I should stay with that gallery or switch to another in town.
I'm really having a urge to just ditch the porcelain when I get my salt kiln up and working and just change to stoneware.I kind of think I would have a more universal customer base even if my work still had a female
aesthetic to it.
Like I said at the top, I need a pick-me-up. Maybe I'll make some cupcakes tomorrow!

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