Hope everyone had a good forth. We grilled out with some friends at the pool and of course watched the fireworks. The kids had a good time which is what I wanted..good memories of July 4th they can the keep with them.

This summer has been a real interesting sort of turn of motherhood in a way. The kids are changing so much and I'm trying to deal and help "mold" ( I guess would be the term) each of their little personalities. I always wish I could spend more one and one time with each of them because I know they need and want it but I have to stretch everything out including the few moment Joey and I have alone and the much needed quiet and down time I need. Not everyone is like this, but I've only needed quiet alone time to get my thoughts in order. Last night I had to sacrifice this ( I was trying to go on a walk on my own) but Quaid really pulled out the stops with tears and telling me how he never gets to spend time with me, so we went on a power walk together. He was happy as a clam and I have to admit I enjoyed the company and all his little questions about life and such. The girls are also establishing there own "self" and soon they too will be full of question and not so much nurturing time that I give them at the moment when they get into little spats or get hurt. Joey and I have realised how much less time we have spent one on one with them because they are twins and spend so much time entertaining each other. Parenting is such a challenge but a good one when you look back on whatever it was you just went through.

Here's a funky photo of a Potato Bug that Quaid found outside this week. My kids love bugs as I do too. I think bugs are really cool and some of them with all the colors of there shells are very beautiful.

Last night I worked on my butter dishes, threw a bunch of little vases to fill up yet more space in my kiln and yesterday I had another good class at ClayWorks. We'll see if I can get a bisque in this weekend and some flower blocks made. Joey and I also may take everyone up to the mountains for a little cheap summer thrill. I enjoy the thought of just waking up Saturday and a being spontaneous instead of the same old weekend routine. Life needs a little mixing up sometimes!

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