I'm still just making and making and making to fill up my space and load up on work while I'm working on the kiln in August. I have one show in August, a few small special orders and next week I'm going to take some pots to a gallery. Besides that, I'm not that busy with orders and stuff so I'm just making pots and packing them away.

I finished up the vases I was doing and threw a bunch of pasta bowls and then I got inspired to make these small 1/2 cup little bowls. Joey always makes homemade salad dressing for us each night in this little plastic cup and I started to think how it would be nice to make a small bowl with a little spout on it for just this. Well, I didn't put the spout on the bowl because I wasn't sure how many people would be interested in it but small bowls are always good for cooking and sauces. This evening Joey and I where discussing weather I should make something like that and I think maybe tomorrow I'll just experiment with a few and see how they go over. At any rate since I love making small little items and it will be a fun task and I can use some smaller things to tuck around all the larger items in the kiln. The plan this weekend is to tackle some more elaborate pieces like by flower blocks and butter dishes. I'll keep you posted.
Have a good 4th!


Judi Tavill said...

thank you... i take what you said as good news... jen, i'm sort of doing my thing on my own... you have a MUCH better community of potters where you are ... its very different when you don't get alot of feedback...i just do alot of research on line and magazines etc to keep up with what's happening and get out there as much as possible to check things out...i have a few potter friends- a raku group/class that i stopped doing for a while but they don't really pursue any big shows.... so that's the deal with that... they have pipe and drape rentals for the show and I have figured out a shelving/ table scenario... so I guess i'll rent their pipe and drape... just figuring out if it's worth it to buy pipe and drape but one step at a time... i'll stick with renting now.
Also, regarding the construction.... and looking at the PICTURE!!!!!Do what my husband does when he doesn't want to see what's next door- PLANT TREES...We have a good sized piece of land but the house behind us.... new... was looming and NOT VERY PRETTY... so... we got some trees...Leland Cypress trees get the biggest and widest but you probably just need something fast growing and full... get it in there... and the noise WILL eventually stop... Meditation may be the key.
or not.

Jen Mecca said...


Is the pipe for the drapes and the lights? Do you have to rent the pipe?? If I where you I would find out the color of the drapes so you don't have a bad color behind your pots.