Last Group in Kiln

I'm ahead of where I usually am at this stage before a show. Most shows I would be glazing that last load on Thursday morning and then unloading everything on Friday before I left. My kiln yesterday fired very slowly. I know an element is out so I decided to go ahead and bisque what I could last night and glaze today just in case the kiln took forever to get to temperature. I guess next week I will be ordering elements and doing some kiln repair ( have I said how much I hate doing kiln repair?) I got some nice bowls out of yesterdays kiln and a nice platter. I'm not so sure about my pillow tiles I made. I took some photo's of them but.....I still wasn't sure I wanted to post them. I had some friends over this morning for coffee and chit-chat. One has an art back ground and the two others I trust there judgement. Well, they all seemed to like them a lot. My worst critic that I live with did not so we'll see what the rest of the general public thinks this weekend. Maybe against a black board they will look 10 times better then in my dusty studio. I don't know if I'll get back on my blog before I leave. Tomorrow I have a ton of things to do and I'm going out with some friends to a movie as kind of late birthday deal so........I'll check in when I get back!

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Anonymous said...

good luck jen - i don't know how you do it... i'm up at the same time as you though...but you rock-judi