Rafting center

If your ever in Charlotte and looking for something fun to do outdoors, the new rafting center is the place to be. We took the kids on Saturday just to see what it was all about and it was cooler than we thoughts. It was so well visited by young and old and so much fun just being a viewer that I can only imagine what its like being on a raft going down the man-made river. Speaking of that, the grounds are very nicely done and the building that houses the rental station also has a very nice restaurant and equipment shop. It costs nothing of course just go and walk around. The kids enjoyed climbing on the rocks and around the grounds and Joey and I got a kick out of seeing the different groups going down the rapid. You had everything from ladies who had never done anything like this before to people who looked like pro's.
I kept going on my pots this weekend. Joey and I enjoyed watching a documentary on a band we like called "Wilco". ( I of course worked while he sat and kept me company in a lawn-chair enjoying his glass of wine and some pop corn...oh the simple things in life!) Today we both tackled my electric kiln replacing the elements and did some other odds and ends.
Tomorrow the kids are I are going to go visit my 97 yr. old grandmother who lives about a 1/2 away. She likes it when we bring her either donuts or a fish fillet from McDonald's. Just goes to show you, its all in the gene's.

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