This week thus far

So here is a photo of my pug mill. Ok, so its not the most thrilling thing to view, but I still think its pretty neat. You can tell that I really do work with hardly any kind of cool gadgets because I am so thankful and thrilled to have this. For 7 years now I've been taking my scrap clay, putting it on bats, than after it dries for a few days I've been transferring it to a towel, which sits on an open rack, wait a few more days and then ball it up and wedge for minutes on end. This of course is horrible on my hands and I'm starting to feel it with a bit a tingling in my wrists.

As far as pots go this week I've been working steadily making mugs, bowls, pitcher's and boxes. ( Boxes take a lot of time....). I have enjoyed working in the morning while the kids have been at camp but I have to admit I need to learn to turn the phone off so I don't feel I need to get every call that comes in while I'm working. ( I also need to put on blinders when I come through the house and head straight out to my studio.) All things I'll work out and get in the swing of things once fall starts.

The kids are enjoying there summer with camps and playing a lot. Here's Aydan in one of her many costumes. This one I love because she feels like a great big cat and being a cat person I find it very cute.

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