I always get lost in the website for Akar Design Gallery in Iowa City. They have a great show there featuring Yunomi's by tons of potters. ( I often wonder how all these people get invited to be in there shows...hummmm) Anyways the definition of a Yunomi is -

"A form of teabowl, usually being taller than wide, with a trimmed or turned foot unlike the formal chawan tea bowl....a yunomi tea bowl is made for daily tea drinking - ceremonial."

I could spend hours downloading my favorite ones but here is what I had time for. I did some common threads of people's work and where some very famous people got there influence. Pretty cool, plus it shows what a small community we are!
You can go to the website at http://www.akardesign.com/ and click on current shows. Enjoy!
(I'll download some of the one's that caught my eye as soon as blogger lets me...maybe this afternoon). Jen


Anonymous said...

Hey Jennamec. Thanks for the link to the AKAR site. Lots of very inspiring work.BT

Jen Mecca said...

BT!!!!!!!!!! I think there should be a BT cup in here.J

Anonymous said...

Jen - thanks for the pics and the link! I may have to work on teapots and yunomi in class this time around (hint, hint!)