The good, the bad, the ugly....well maybe not the good.

Tuesday is here and I'm back in the studio with clay. YAhhhhh....and yes I did throw mugs this evening.

I spent the morning and most of the day running pots around and sending out images, mailings and other paper work stuff that needed to get gone. I feel like now that the day is over, I've done a lot business wise.

I guess I really didn't talk much about my kiln last week and how everything came out. For the most part I was pleased but it never seems to always go off with out some hitches. I did have some seconds, some really ugly things ( ugly to me) and pieces that after I started to glaze, decided that they too did not warrant space in the glaze kiln. I thought I'd show everyone what I mean. I always like to see when other potters have issues so I feel like I'm not the only one with flub-ups!

So...here is the good..that stuck..... and went bad ( this pile is from over the course of about a year and half). I'm going to bust all of this work and make those stepping stones I planned on making last year to go around my kiln( which is still not finished). Can someone ask God to make the days longer so I can get more done.

Here is the ugly. I don't really like anything about these now that they are done. The amber glaze was to thin and I really don't like it when it comes out like this. Maybe I can salvage them but over the years I've just decided some things need to be smashed and fast so I don't have to look at them anymore!

This is the bad. I still need to go back to the drawing board on this relish dish. I do like the handle placement, but the bowl forms are to thin and fragile looking. I really want feet on this but can't seem to come up with that yet. I think this idea may have to go on the back burner for awhile. Of course my mind is racing onto new things or old things I want to improve on. And very sadly you see the two teapots. As you can tell, the handle got broken on this one when I was taking a shelf out of the kiln and a post got stuck and fell. The teapot in the back I love, but the lid is pretty stuck. I may be able to work wonders and get it off,wish me luck.

Tomorrow I will be at my children school for most of the day so I'll have to get out to the shop early in the evening and make up for the lost time.


Unknown said...

I feel your pain!

Unknown said...

also- where is the PLATTER below this post!?