Friday stuff

I will be at the Gaston Day Art Gala this evening with many talented folks from the Carolina's and elsewhere. My friends Ronan Peterson and
Vicki Gill are also in the show so that will be pretty cool to see them and there stuff as well.
I finished up making clay, mugs and large bowls yesterday. Today in the afternoon I plan on getting out to my little utopia again for a bit.
Thursday night class went well again. I have such a curious group who have made this year a fun one. They are very interested in all different types of fun stuff to try. This session we are doing colored clay and I am still so proud of the few who are still experimenting wth the majolica and working out the kinks. I think it good to be introduced to a few surface things and than go back to the basics again. This keeps everyone interested and educated on all the things you can do with clay. Its kind of like child development. You introduce them to something new in life, which they are eager to learn but then they have to go back a step, which is hard emotionally to pull ahead. One of my favorite classes that I taught last summer was a group of ladies who just wanted to go back and learn centering and pulling all over again. It was a good exercise and I enjoyed seeing there progress. Teaching is good! ( I can pretty much relate everything back to my day job..motherhood, if you all have not figured that out by now...ha!)
I'm looking forward to a dress-up date with my hubby. An evening of the two of us having to act like adult in a sea of mature individuals. Atleast in our view, everyone else seems to be mature while we still like to have the mindset of 20year olds..maybe even teenagers somedays.My parents will also be there so I guess if I pull a Tom Hanks with the baby corn my mother can elbow me.

( Boy, I just re-read this after it being up for a few hours. Mental note, do not post before you have a few cups of coffee.)

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