Strictly Functional

2008 Strictly Functional National is up and the winners are posted. My little butterdish is sitting there. A sigh of accomplishment came over me when I saw it for real.

One more goal to cross off my endless list for this career I have chosen.
When I saw works by people like Elaine Coleman in the show it occured to me that even the super talented in our field, that are well known potters endure the same application fees and rejections that the rest of us do as well. Its all up to who is judging it.
Some of these folks are good friends of mine so I had to pick there work to show off as well. The dinner plates and squared off vase are pots by my ECU friends Chuck McMahnn and Amy Evans.

The vase with the dots is by Ronan Peterson and the platter is by my friend Blaine Avery. Its fun to see people's work that I know in the same show with me. I'm excited for them as well.
The Gaston Day Gala went well last night. I found out today that all my pieces did sell. Only the teapot had a red-dot last night , which I was still happy for the night we went to the opening. Joey and I had a nice time and true to form, I had one food mishap as I expected I would. One tumbling plastic plate and the asparagus went flying. Of course my Dad was standing right with me when it happened so I got a little eye roll and shaking of the head while Joey quickly picked up the food that I had flung across the room by accident.

I'm starting on more teapots and this evening we had some friends over with their children so that was a good time for the whole family.

I'll get some photo's up soon!


Unknown said...

Jen- Your piece looked wonderful and what great company!

Becky said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats, Jen!

Jen Mecca said...

You all either read very early in the morning all the blogs or late at night. I re-did my post....boy it was late, I had had a few drinks and the typo's where endless. I need to stop doing that!
Thanks for the kind words!Jen

Anonymous said...

Yay! Big congrats on both the "Strictly Functional" show and your sell out!!! Can't wait to see you at the barn.


Vicki Gill, potter said...

Hey, it was nice to see you and meet Joey. Congrats on selling all the pieces. I sold two and was happy. Was a very nice event. Sorry I missed the asparagus shout out! The photos on the blog were ones I did in the studio myself, but Randy takes my good photos. See you at the Barn?

amy said...

Yea Jen. Glad that it all came together for the show! Your piece looked great on the website.