Down to the wire

Once again I'm pushing the envelope..down to the wire with making stuff. I at the moment waiting for Quaid to get home so I can get him started on his homework and head back out to the studio to make some tiles. CRAZY! I have a glaze kiln that is cooling and as always, I'm very excited to get into it.

Here are some teapots I've made. I really like these a lot!

These are some new trays for salt and peppers/cream and sugar sets.

And last but not least the new bakers I think I mentioned. Really just the handles are new for me. I'm not sure if I really like them but we'll see once they are done.
The other day I was looking at some photo's about a year 1/2 ago and when I looked at my work/display my stomach kind of sank. Does anyone else ever feel this way? ( Silly question I'm sure....) Do the "big-wigs" feel like this about there old work? I'll have to ask my "Master Potter" friend in Raleigh. Brad are you out there????



Ron said...

Your stomach sank because.....
your work was better then?
worse then?
hasn't changed since then?

Anonymous said...

Jen - I REALLY like the teapots. Can't wait to see them glazed.

chaetoons said...

Some kind of inner critic plays havoc with out stomach muscles when we view our own work . . .
Give him (critic) a cartoon name and banish the fellow to perdition.
Enjoy the fact that you ARE creating beautiful pottery and in sharing it you are giving joy to fellow creators!

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks for the nice comments! At the moment the critic has been put away!Jen