These are the days.........

The last few days I've had so much anxiety about our world. The gas prices are something I never thought I'd see. Groceries are high, there are houses for sale everywhere around here that have just been sitting for months and the topic of the economy comes up in all conversations I've had.
Since I live in a small town we have some great , lets just say "out of the way "places. My mom friends and I all like to visit a family owned grocery store called "bargain city" here in York. Its pretty much what the names says...full of close-out bargains. Its owned by a family and they all work there~ mom, dad , grandfather, cousin, son, daughter...you get the picture. You never know what you will find but it makes shopping kind of fun because I get to mix up my weekly grocery visits. We all know the days they get fresh bake-good, the day the meat arrives fresh and produce day. We love to call each other when there is a great deal also.
"Hey...Bargain City has cases of yogurt for only $5.00".
Since I've been shopping there, we have cut our grocery bill in half. I can pretty much load up my cart for $50 each visit.

This Thursday when I went for my weekly produce run I noticed that they had signs up that said they have camera's watching your every move. Low and behold, in this little grocery store that day while I was looking over the cereal section they did indeed catch someone shop lifting. When I finally went to check out and asked about this they remarked how in the last month shoplifting had increase %50 and it was mostly low income older folks that just could not feed themselves. My heart sank thinking about this.
I am so curious to see how well my next selling/show event goes the first weekend in May. I think this time to come may prove hard for those of us that make objects.

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