I've had a very busy week and not a whole lot of time to post. Also in all honesty I've gotten kind of sucked into the a website for my old High School and have been catching up with friends I haven't talked to really since I left in 1985! Boy time flies.....

Besides my normal running around with my super-mom cape flying in the breeze, the laws of physics, gravity or the universe...however you want to put it kicked in this week, as they always do and my plans for glazing and firing kilns where interrupted with sick kids. Usually its Joey having to go out of town at the last minute and than my nights are not free. This time I had children at home during the day that I needed my attention. I did "freak out" for a few minutes about this and then went with the flow and did what I had to here and there to get things done. It all does work out in the end; the little people feel better and I do get my work done. My last kiln is cooling. I was up until 2 finishing it up last night ( crazy) and now I feel the weight lifted and should be ready for our group show.

I hope some of you in the Charlotte area will come out to say Hello and see some new work by all of us in the group as well as Blaine and Laura Avery..our guests. Hopefully the rain will come early in the morning and than clear up by 10am.

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Unknown said...

jen you work looks wonderful...!!!
i love the plates on the card!
I want one!
I have new work on etsy... check it out...