Back to teapots....post #3

Here we go..more teapots! This teapot is by Bruce Goldson. When I was working at the gallery I always loved his work and could kick myself for not getting one of his shino pieces at that time. His forms are so nice and his pieces so nicely done.
This pot was just so fun, I enjoyed its "wimsy".
This pot you could not ecnore. Look at that spout and that color!
Here is Brad's studio. I need to take notes on how clean he keeps this place.

I put the cabinet back up because "Mr. Philbeck" could not get a close-up of the pots from my last entry. This is for you and anyone else who couldn't open that last post!


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Love that teapot by Bruce. Thanks for sharing these pics!

Jen Mecca said...

I finally got around to adding you to my list of blogs..sorry it takes me so long to do stuff like that. j

Ron said...


Judy Shreve said...

It's great seeing these t-pots! The red & black t-pot is done by a girl here in the Atlanta area. I've taken some classes with her. All of her stuff is similar -- but she's very successful in getting into shows & selling her work. It's unusual!

Blaine M. Avery said...

SO who cleans Brad's studio? It sure is crazy clean!!!

Anonymous said...

I actually like cleaning the studio. It can turn an otherwise unproductive day into a success! What is more satisfying than that?!