12 Lashing with a wet noodle!

Ok....I'm feeling so guilty about my blog! The end of last week was spent making up tests for my Art History class and only doing a little bit in the studio .YIKES! Today in Sunday and I'm getting ready to head out for a whole day of throwing while Joey is busy watching The Panthers play and the kids are occupied with a friend. AHHHHHHH.....escape!
Yesterday we took a quick day visit up to Raleigh to meet Joey's uncle Peter from London England. The kids loved his accent and Joey enjoyed visiting with him and his family for the day. Since Joey is the only boy in his family I enjoy visiting with his three sisters because they always have great stories about growing up with him. They love to tell me how much our son is just like Joey when I tell them the adventures I have with Quaid. We both are very lucky we have such tight knit families.

Ok....off to make pots for some upcoming show with the Charlotte clay Guild and Vicki Gils Fall Open House sale. I also have to throw in there a host of galleries orders. Good grief, I need to be "The Flash" these next few weeks!


Ron said...

Damn, Flash is a HUNK!

Hey no pics of the Englishman. What's up. We have to keep up our good relations.

Jen Mecca said...

Well of course the English man had a camera....I on the otherhand?

I don't understand why there isn't a women FLASH. Maybe I should super-impos my face on his! ( Well I guess I'd have to alter the body parts as well and that would'nt be pretty).

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Hey Jen (AKA "The Flash") - I need some of those super-powers right now, too! Hope your day in the studio went well. I'm just catching up on my blog reading and I see I'm a little behind the times!