End of the work-week check in.

Aren't Fridays the best day!
Today the weather was warm but crisp on my walk and it just put me in the best mood! As I was hoofin' it around our neighborhood I noticed tons of different kinds of mushrooms and it took me back to one of my visits to Penland. I think I was taking a jewelry class at the time and there was a guy in the wood class ( I think ) that was an expert of "mushrooms". ( Yes, you can laugh.) I recall one day he was going to take a group of people on a mushroom hunt through the woods to find some varieties your could eat and then he was going to cook them up that night! Only at Penland.

Onto pots! Here are a few shots of salt and pepper shakers in various stages. At the moment they are in the kiln and I'm onto making another kind of set so I'll have two to choose from. I was working on the trays this morning and .....can't find my camera again. SORRY, I'll keep looking tonight.

We are off to the coast tomorrow for our first family vacation of 2008. Joey has been planning this beach trip for awhile and even though Hanna is about to hit, we plan on going after it clears somewhat. We both are old masters with hurricanes. If I can get the time to do "6 random things about myself", (that is being pasts around the pottery blogs,) one of those things will be about a hurricane. I'm a bit antsy about leaving my studio for three days but I learned last year that I need to balance everything so off we go. Next week I'll be in Gatlinburg at the Utilitarian Conference V. I can't wait!


Scott Smith said...

We should swap hurricane stories sometime. I hope your vacation goes well. Debi and I are going the OTHER way - we're going to the mountains this weekend. I bummed that we're going to miss the Circle of Eight sale this month - we're going to be out of town that weekend.

Ron said...

don't drown, we need you for the sale.

Tracey Broome said...

Hope to see you in Gatlinburg, I'm heading for the conference too.

Deb said...

don't be antsy about not working-all work and no play makes jane a wealthy, but unhappy girl

Jen Mecca said...

Deborah.....so what is this "wealthy" thing that you speak of?
Just kidding..thanks for the Ok to go have fun. I'm looking forward to it. Jen