Such a small Pottery world

I met a women by the name of Ann Lindel the last time I was at the Conference at Arrowmont. She happened to know my friend Amy Evans. This time while I was sitting down for breakfast the second day of the conference and we had just gotten our cup from the cup exchange, Ann sat down with my cup in hand. I of course knew my cup and was happy that I recognized the person who had gotten it. Even more funny is that Ann said she reads my blog and I found out today that she has one as well. Better than that.... I was told that a photo of my cup came up during a demo that Ayumi Horie did and sure enough, if you click on Ann Lindel's blog, you will see my cup. To cool! If your out there Ann, thanks! The world just circles around and around and it amazes me how one way or another we all have some sort of connection. Boy if you stop to think about that it can really get mind blowing!
( Guess I'd rather think of that rather than what is happening in the world markets these last few days....that has also been mind blowing but not in a good way...YIKES!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,

It was great to talk to you at at the UCV symposium and thanks again for the wonderful cup.

Yes, interesting about the blog connection. I was not at Ayumi's presentation that morning, but Amy mentioned that she'd shown my blog in connection to a demo about google alerts. My *totally* fledgling blog. I had great hopes of posting every day of the conference but only made it for one. I started mine because I got so much inspiration from reading others' (including yours!) so wanted to join the fray. I'll get there... Anyway, just goes to show that if you put yourself out there people will find you, whether you're expecting it or not!