I'm in the Weeds!~

(If you've ever waited tables, you know what this means.)
Yesterday we got back from some fun in the sun with the kids and I ran off to teach my first class of the fall session at Clayworks. Today I had to grade tests for my online students, work in my studio, get my family organized for my departure tomorrow and .....I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed but its ok, I know it will all turn out fine in the end. ( I have a big hunk of wood sitting next to me!!)
I'm excited to be going to the Utilitarian Clay Conference for a few days. I hate to say that I"m going to be cutting my trip a day short to come back and make more stuff for our Circle of Eight sale next weekend.
I still have yet to locate my camera but my mom is nice enough to let me take hers so I'll get some good shots to bring back and share.
I'm out of here!


Unknown said...

I know exactly what you mean.

Scott Smith said...

I know what "in the weeds" means!