Salt shakers

My new group of students asked me at the beginning of this session to bring in my salt and peppers sets and talk about them a little bit. I have to admit, this was fun. I love to make sets and talk about why I think I enjoy making them so much. The great thing about teaching is that you learn a lot about your thought process because you have to explain what your doing a lot. As I was out for my walk that morning I was thinking of all the cool and creative salt sets you could come up with. To me, it seems like the possibilities are endless. This session we are going to come up with some sets and I gave them the option of either doing something creative or just totally functional. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. I showed them a new idea for some houses that sort of came out of a box and teapot I did this summer. I can't wait to see if my idea is as good as it looks on paper.

Here are some of the sets I just finished for the Circle show. ( Wow, that's a lot of aqua!)I need to save one of these to get a photo of . Stay tuned for some images from the Salt and Pepper show that I'm in at Cedar Creek the first of October.


Becky said...

Oh I hope to see what your class comes up with! Please post pix?

PS: I can never get enough aqua

Deb said...

Those are adorable.

Deb said...

p.s. I wish your blog was set up so we can click on your photos to see them more close up.

Jen Mecca said...

Deborah...I'll have to ask my webtec person to look at that. I think if you did click on it, it may be blurry because my camera is so bad. I'll ask Joey to fix that.