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Hi Everyone, just a quick hello...a check-in if you will. As all the teapot posts where going on, I was working on pots for The Circle of Eight fall show that is coming up in a few weekends. Ya-hoo!

My wrists have been killing me the last few days because I took on some very stiff clay out of the bag and than decided that I really needed to pug it all. ( Side note......... even though I do not have the time and I should be able to use moist clay out of the bag that I just spent a lot of $$$ on.......) but...who's complaining. ( ....well, my wrists are as you know, any other time I love to visit my pug-mill !)
Anywho.....here are just a few shots for you. I'll get some more up soon. Lately I've been starting my new batch of pots for kiln loads by working large to small. Big bowls and platters started this new round of pots. I hate to say but the clay I used ( slop clay that was pugged) did not like my drying method so I lost some of the platters last week.

Below is how I normally dry platters so the rims don't get crispy while the middle stays dry. Still this way did not help the issue of my recycled clay that had just a bit to much silica from the bottom of my buckets mixed in.
I'll keep up the posting!

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