Quick hello!

I was just thinking today how much I am really enjoying being home in the peace and quite of my house/studio. I feel like I have been able to get so much done these last few weeks and I feel more relaxed about things. When I pick up the kids at school I look forward to spending time with them when I get home and I don't fret anymore about what I should be doing because I have gotten most of it done while they are at school. Its been a great start to the school year!
I'm back throwing this week. I was actually amazed at myself for getting back working on Sunday night. Normally I feel like I have to take a week off from the studio just to play catch-up on my MOM duties. This time it has been different!
Tomorrow I'll post some close-up shots of my salt and pepper sets. We talked a lot about them in class last night.
Have a good one!

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