Back Track to New Year Eve

Amy Sanders put some great photo's up on the Circle of Eight blog from New Years eve. If you get a chance, click on the site and see what we did that night. Ron is even wearing his piggly-wiggly hat I gave him! It was so cold I didn't even notice it that night!

I am throwing the stoneware as promised. It was super hard and even though I pugged it, I'm still kind of wrestling with it. Tomorrow I think I run it threw again with some slip from my bucket and see if I can soften it up some more. I've made some mugs and tumblers that I like. We'll see if I can get some photo's up in a day or two. You'll have to keep bearing with me on my camera shots. Santa did not have the cash to get me a new camera so....there is always my birthday!


chaetoons said...

Georgies in Portland, OR has a marvelous stoneware clay which is really easy to throw and work with.
However, as i started to write this, realized you are over on the east coast so that won't help you out much as per shipping costs et al.
Sorry. I really am tired tonight.

Jen Mecca said...

Thanks Chae. Its not that I can't throw stoneware its just the this clay is old and hard. It was also free so I'm just thought I'd start using it up and freeing up some of the space in my kiln barn. Thanks for thinking of me!jen