Last week in January

Boy, I haven't posted in awhile! Where in the world have I been?
Well.......you know me, here, there and everywhere.

Always in January, besides doing something different with my clay, I like to volunteer by either making a bunch of things to donate or donating my time. Last year I decided to help the art teacher at school with a clay project for her students so once again, this last week in January I have been at my kids school. They have a fantastic art teacher and someone I really enjoy spending the day with so sacrificing my work time in the studio does not feel so bad! I've had a really nice time getting to know all the kids better and being able to see my own children happy and content in such a wonderful environment. My heart just sings when I see them so happy and safe. ( I'm sure I've said this a 1,000 times before..such are the thoughts of a mother!)

Next week with the start of February so comes the real push in my studio. I am trimming my last piece of stoneware this evening and soon it will all be cleaned up and put away.

Below are some different sort of flower blocks for me. They kind of look like jugs with openings but I think this design is going to take me somewhere else. This whole month of stoneware has really been a good thing to refresh me after feeling so warn out from the fall.

This week I'm taking a little trip to visit an old friend of mine, which is also great for re-energizing the soul.

Boy, with all this rejuvenation I should be cranking out master pieces next month!

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