Quick photo

I'm still slowly plugging along on stuff. Here is a flower block with slip and some drawing on it. The other items is a spoon jar. Boy I haven't made those in a long time!

I'm looking through a bunch of glaze recipes to hopefully find something that is quick to make and I have all the ingredients for. I'm going to start to load my bisque with all this stuff this evening. Just a few more things to finish up, clean my wheel and than onto some quick porcelain items to fill up my bisque load. ( I feel so guilty if I only fire half a kiln load).
My idea's are to use a black and an amber for the pots than I will down fire them with some accent glazes. This is my "Plan" but I have no idea what they will look like after they come out of the salt so all my "visions" could change. I have found that what you think something will look like, never truly does so I've learned to be opened minded with any sort of new results. We'll see!

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