I Have An Obsession

I have a bit an obsession with poka-dots I have to admit.

I want to put them on everything. When I see them in stores, I want to buy them, wear them, eat them and paint the town with poka-dots.

My favorite book as a child was "Put Me In The Zoo". I loved the part where his spots fly through the air and he also makes socks with them. That would be the coolest thing to make spots fly through the air!!
So, it is any wonder that I have to refrain from putting poka-dots on all my pieces? I have, for the most part in recant years but I couldn't resist on these pieces for the salt kiln. I fell off the wagon. In fact these pieces look a lot like what I was doing in grad school. I think I spent more time trying to work with the clay and the form and I didn't give the surface as much thoughts as I do my porcelain work.

Ah...poka-dots..they just make me smile!


Scott Smith said...

Who knew?

Michael Mahan said...

I wonder if you can still get a copy of Put Me in the Zoo. You've led my mind back to a time I haven't thought about in quite a while. I'll be searching the web for the book after this post.

He never did get in the zoo, did he?


Jen Mecca said...

No, he did'nt. They put him in the Circus which up set me a bit because I hate clowns. ( And they are Full of poka-dot..go figure? )

My kids had this book but I think it was passed down from either my parents or my husbands.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Loved that book, too! Polka dots are happy, and joyful people like 'em. That probably means you're a pretty happy camper! I love the pots' spots!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

whoa, Patricia told me to visit because I just posted about me and my pottery and polka dots!
Polka dots might be contagious, eh?