Thurseday check in

Today I got back in the studio for a little bit. If you read Ron's blog I spent a day taking photo's at his house with Amy and Julie and Tuesday was spent teaching. Today I was back to sort of a normal day except for some mom things that needed to be taken care of. Tomorrow will be a pretty full studio day with some Art History thrown in. It is suppose to be super cold here this evening so I'm a bit worried about my pots. I've only had them freeze one time so I think I've learned my lesson on that. I have some flannel sheets that I drape over my shelves when it gets this cold and I'm keeping the heater going all night in there. (Don't worry, its got a safety switch-off if it knocked over or something odd happens in the middle of night...which occasionally does on the back porch!)

Here are a few more shots of finished things. Some soy sauce containers, creamers, tea bowls and the soup bowls with Tile6 on them. I am enjoying the change of pace and I am sort of playing with the same sort of motif I normally do on these things.I think they will be a bit different since it is stoneware. I have to admit that I can't be as loose with my forms when it comes to this clay body. The clay is so stiff I don't have as many opportunities to make my forms as altered and free as I normally do. This is a bit hard for me to get use to but I think its also good. It puts up some boundaries for me to work with. I'm getting down to the last bit of this clay and then I'll have to get back to my porcelain. The time has come to "get back to work" and finish up my playing for a bit! Its going to be fun to see how these come out after they go into the salt kiln and then I have other plans for them after that. Stay tuned once again.


Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Your work is so lovely. Love the scalloped rims... You write that it's time to "get back to work," and yet it looks like you've been so productive!

Jen Mecca said...

Hi Patricia,
Well, what I meant by that was that I needed to get back to my porcelain and the kind of pots my galleries and customers are use to. I do have shows and some orders coming up so this was just a "side job" I guess you'd say.

Thanks for the kind words! Hope you are doing well. I'll have to check up on your blog soon.

Scott Smith said...

Jen, I can't wait to see how your stoneware with the 9-year old glaze turns out.