Checking In With Other Bloggers

I was tyring to recall the other day off the top of my head how long I have been blogging. I know I can go look it up on google, but than I would get so taken away with all the graphs and maps, that it would be 2am. and I'd be regretting that in the morning.

I was thinking back about this because I wanted to say thanks to everyone who does check in with my blog to see what I'm up to. Its nice the days I go to teach and my students ask me about something I've posted. And sometimes when I'm at a show, a customer will come up and tell me that they have read my blog. I know that so many other bloggers have said thank you to their readers so I wanted to do the same.

I also wanted to confess how guilty I feel that I don't get the time to check out everyone else's blogs out there. I know so many people have wonderful sights and great things to say. I feel like I miss out on a lot of important info. about pottery and life in general. I do enjoy all the blogs that have the side bar with photo's you can check out. Those usually grab my attention or a title and I'll click to see what is going on. But, for the most part, it is a added treat when I have time to just sit down and read every one's thoughts.

So, I wanted to say that if you read my blog and I don't seem to get up with your as much, its not that I'm not interested its just that...well, you know the rest of the story if you do keep up with me.
Happy blogging and thank you! Jen


Anonymous said...

your blog was one the first in my growing addiction!

chaetoons said...

Always enjoy your posts!
Now that we can use the blogspot system that shows when our posted blogger links (sidebar) have been updated, it makes it easier to check in with fellow potters as they update! Sure beats the dickens out of clicking through my favorites list to see if there is anything new!

jbf said...
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jbf said...

I always enjoy reading your blog even if I don't always leave comments. It's been nice seeing you more often at Clayworks since our schedules have more overlap in them. Keep up the great work in the studio, classroom, and blog.

Ron said...

April 4th, 2006

Ron said...

Oh, yeah, I've been meaning to say I like those soy bottles.

Jen Mecca said...

Hey...thank you all!
Wow...April 4th, 2006..I had no idea, pretty cool.

If the soy bottles come out Ron, you can have one for letting me put some stuff in the kiln!Jen

Linda Starr said...

I need to take a lesson from you and do more clay making and less reading, next week I'm back to school so I'll have less time for the reading then.