More Stoneware

Quick post, I'm off to pick up the kids. Here are some shots from this weekend.

Here are the tumblers and cups. They are dipped with Tile6. I've had this in a bucket since school..(oh good lord that was 9 years ago!) Guess we'll see if it works!
Next are Pitchers, teacups and bowls. As you see I'm doing that scalped rim like lots of folks these days. I have to admit, its fun to do and it almost looks like a crown sitting on top of my pitchers!

Here are somethings under plastic that I'm finishing up today. Its been a good working day!


Tracey Broome said...

Good lord you are productive! I'm curious, does the plastic you have up keep your workspace warm? I am thinking of moving everything out to the deck and putting up plastic, but our deck floor has gaps as deck floors do. I can't take my little 10X10 bedroom studio space much longer.

Jen Mecca said...

Wellll...I'd like to think it keeps me WARMER...but really I need heaters in there and a few layers of clothing..plus a good hat! I go out about 1/2hour before I start to work and turn on the heaters and shut the door to the outside. It does keep the heat in there. Make sure you get the heaviest plastic Lowes or Home Depot sells and Joey doubles it when he staples it up every winter for me. I'd get a cheap sheet of linoleum and put it down on your floor. That way the clay won't muck it up and it may help you keep the heat in.
Good Luck! Jen

Linda Starr said...

Love those pitchers and the tumblers too. Are the bowls and tumblers two different types of clay? For a week we had cloudy days and I had to use the heater in my studio, no passive solar on those days, things are taking forever to dry.

I've updated my blog to include yours.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Love the pitchers with the scalloped rims.

Jen Mecca said...

Thank Guys! jen