Back to Work

Last night I sat in the living room and watched a great movie called Perfume did some altering to some of the girls cloths they will need for school. So, no work yesterday. Sunday was a catch up on the house day and plus Joey got sick from something so he was down for the count all day....just me and kids knocking around the house.
Today I got back to the norm. The kids had orientation at school and tomorrow is the big day back. This evening I got back in the studio and made a huge amount of much needed glazes and cleaned up my mess. I'm going to be firing another kiln tomorrow night with all the mugs I made for Cedar Creek plus the stuff that did not get in the last kiln load. I did have yet another funny thing happen with my kiln on Friday. I hate to speculate but I think I burned out an element on the bottom row of the kiln. Even though the kiln fired off in a short amount of time the bottom row of pots where all very under fired. So....tomorrow I'll have to investigate the issue. This evening just seemed to hot in my kiln shed to turn the kiln on and wait for it to heat up while I made glazes. I'm so ready for fall!
I can't wait to get back to making stuff on Wednesday, my first real day of having free morning studio time!

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