Much excitement yesterday. First Joey and I laid out the base of my kiln with cinder blocks. We than moved it over to the side so the chimney would not go up through the peak of the roof. Than a bunch of builders showed up at the house around 2 o'clock yesterday and along with Joey knocked out this shed by 7 o'clock. It was quite an event. Lots of beer, back and forth banter and wood flying. I really tried to just stay inside and stay out of the way. I didn't dare look a gift horse in the mouth. I do plan on putting sides on it at some point to give me a bit of privacy.Our backyard is so opened up to all the other houses back yards that I really don't think they would enjoy seeing a bunch of bricks, pots and gloves laying around. Plus any type of flames blaring out of a port hole I think would make any neighbor nervous. Things I need to think about since we live in a close knit neighborhood. So...now its onto the bricks.


Anonymous said...

Nice! That Joey is really sexy. Oh, I mean that shed is really something.


Very exciting...the shed, obviously!

Jen Mecca said...

How is your web-shop going? Have you gotten any orders for stuff. I was thinking the last time I looked at your web-page that you should check out my friend Vicki Gills pots. She does alot of carved work as well. Its a link on my blog called Bluegilpottery.

Jen Mecca said...

Ok....anonymous I can only guess who you are. Either way, you wear little glasses I bet.j