Cut Feet

My inventory is in great need of large bowls after this weekend. I have been making a type of wavy edge large salad bowls for many years that does very well for me. About a year ago I decided I needed another type of style of bowl so I was making what I call a rolled rim bowl for awhile. I enjoy this bowl in a smaller version and demonstrate its bigger version to my classes a lot but for some reason I just can't seem to fall in love with it among my inventory. So back to the thoughts of the soda kiln and work for that I decided to make some straight forward square off bowls with good rims and cut feet. I love to cut feet and had stopped doing it on my electric work for awhile. I guess the organic forms I was making really didn't call for this type of foot for I stopped. If you look closely at the bowls I've stamped the rim and incised some minimal imagery in the middle.

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