I had every intention to throw this morning but after looking at the short supply of clay I have left in boxes, I thought I better spend the time pugging some clay. I enjoy throwing the pugged clay so much more anyways and the last shipment of boxed clay I got was kind of hard anyways and I didn't feel like manhandling it this morning for some reason.

Friday night I made a little boy very happy when 8 pm came around and his sisters where busy hearing books from there dad. I told Quaid to quietly put on his shoes and meet me in my kiln shed. He had been asking me for weeks if he could help me pug clay and after putting him off a few times I felt like I needed to keep my promise and let him help. He was just beaming on his little stool over looking my pug mill! I made him promise that he would never ever touch the pug mill with out me and if he did he would not be able to help me for a long time. He agreed and off we were putting clay in the hopper and he was busy pulling down the lever. Most of the commentary back and forth between the two of us was like sailors on a boat because I'd ask him " How's she doing"? And he'd answer "She's working but she needs more fuel". Little boys have great imaginations.

Tomorrow my bricks are arriving so I'll be pretty busy. This evening I got these tumblers sprigged and started on some flower blocks. Last time I stayed up way to late checking out pots on different websites. Sometimes I just need to tell myself to not even look because I see so many cool pots out there that it makes me question what I'm doing. Sometimes you just have to be in the right frame of mind to be accepting of those feelings. Tonight I'm off to bed.



jen... i'm the staying up too late queen....your work is lookin' good... I like your (is it 40?) mugs... very fun...I stay up late working on "etsy" stuff and surfing pots...... 2 1/2 weeks 'till Peters Valley ... just trying to make some quality inventory... any craft fair advice... to share with lil' ol' me?

Jen Mecca said...

No craft fair advise that you most likely don't know already. Just enjoy yourself, don't get stressed out setting up and try to remember names and faces. I hope you sell out!


thanks jen!