Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock was great. One of my best shows, I sold a lot of stuff. Or as Joey kept saying with a grin " I really moved my product". ( Just a joke between the two of us). Anyways, now I really need to get back to major pottery making. It makes me pretty nervous knowing I have a show again in three weeks and one of those weekends when I would be working, we will be at the beach on a much needed family vacation. At least school does start this week so I will have that extra time. I may have to put my new schedule of not working at night on hold just to get things made for this show. Is it really wishful thinking on my part to think I won't be trying to make stuff in the morning and at night???? I may be fooling myself but I know I need a balance for me and the family so we'll see how it goes.
We had a good day together and it wasn't that bad getting up so early I guess. Joey ended up running into an old room mate from his ECU days so that was nice for him. I remembered a lot of faces whom had bought my stuff at other Blowing Rock shows and those people really appreciated my good memory. The best part of the day was that Joey and I where a machine when it came to braking down my set-up. This time we got it down in a record 40 minutes and we were out the gate for home. My poor parents really had a time with the twins this go around. On our arrival home Quaid came running out the door screaming that Aydan was stuck in the legs of the coffee table and my parents could not get her out. Sure enough I walked in the door and there she was screaming with her leg caught and my poor parents trying to get her out with both there hair standing on end. We did get her out and she was fine. I'm sure I'm not going to be hearing from my mom and dad for a few days while they recover. Such are the stories of life that you can tell when kids get older. Here are a few photo's of my booth and my tiles.


Scott Smith said...

The booth looks great but what I want to see is photos of Aydan stuck in the coffee table.

Wish Debi and I could have made it to Blowing Rock - I really wanted to go. What's the show you mentioned that is coming up in 3 weeks?

Scott Smith said...

Oh, I know - the sale in 3 weeks is the Cricle of Eight.

So, when you do a show like this, do you typically put everything out on the shelves or do you leave some stuff packed away and bring it out as stuff sells?

Seems like it might be a good idea to leave a bunch of empty spots on your shelves so people get the idea that your product is moving fast. Kinda like how a bartender will put a few dollars into his tip jar to entice customers to do the same.

Jen Mecca said...

Well this go around I did'nt have a lot of backstock so I was moving stuff around to keep making my shelves look full. I think the more pots, the more to choose from!