Playing with Quaid

My son is 6 and will be entering 1st grade. Quaid is a very smart little boy( I know all mothers say that, but as far as verbal language goes, he can give anyone a run for there money). This talent he has for the gift of gab is also a curse for all involved. From the time he was talking, Quaid was debating and arguing anything he was told to do. Many days of toddler hood I was at my wits end with him. Even the two girls now together when they gang up on me have never been like how it was dealing with him at there age. So, he still wants to always win a verbal argument with anyone who challenges him. He needs to get the last word in and he debates everything.
I'm telling this bit of history about him because today, once again he took on the powers that be and lost his privilege to go the pool with is father and his two sisters ( while I worked in my studio). At first he was of course very upset but after about 10 minutes of crying he realised that he had me and my studio all to himself and everything turned around to his favor. So, I made the best of the situation and let him "help" me today. I was making candle sticks, which I make in three parts, and every time I went to center a new piece of clay I let him get on my wheel and try to center. I've never let him do this before and it was pretty amazing to me to see how much strength he really had. I also throw standing up so there was my little boy just hovering over my wheel head trying to man handle about 3 pounds of clay. In the process of the whole experience I got a chance to talk to him more about how he should and should not talk to his father and myself. I can only hope as a parent that the more I drum something in his little head, hopefully it will stick at some point. It all turned out ok in the end. Tomarrow night the candle sticks will be joined together....hopefully with just me doing it!

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Scott Smith said...

Maybe the argumentative thing is a trait of all first-born children. I know a few who are like that (including my darling Isabel).