Packing up

I'm sitting here still waiting for my kiln to cool off. I really need to get in bed soon because we are getting up so early and I'm really not very alert before the hour of 7, which is when we will be in Blowing Rock setting up. AHHHH.
I got everything in the kiln last night about 11:00. Joey got home early yesterday so that helped me a lot get out to my shed and start glazing at 6 or so. I took my time and tried to get everything in the kiln but was unsuccessful. I only got two of my big jars in , which was a bummer and the biggest one has a crack in the lid I could see when I peaked in the top of the kiln. Bummer! So, I'm thinking for the most part I'm going to this show with a lot of smaller items, which could be good as well as super big ones. Lots of things in the $30/40 range. Good things those items can add up quick on the sales sheet!
The kids where dropped off at my folks and promised many exciting adventures of there own tomorrow.( My parents are the best!) Joey and I got to eat out at a Italian restaurant in Gastonia. Not fancy but the food was fresh and good. Its nice to sit across from your spouse and just enjoy and relaxing meal with no one else to take care of. I'm looking forward to our day together even though it is work and Joey most likely would rather be doing something else then sitting in the sun selling pots. I have to say he does enjoy the people watching and making random observation about all the craftspeople and who's booth looks good and how to improve mine.
I'll try to take lots of photo's of our day!



best o luck!

www.myspace.com/sugarpotter said...

glad to hear ya did well. the booth looks great. i forgot that it was moving in weekend for asu,too much craziness and after the farmer's market i went the exact oppisite of town, home! wish i could have met ya and seen your work, sounds like you were the tony montana of ceramics, moving the product! good luck beefing back up for your next show..