Down for the count

I just got my mug kiln loaded way behind schedule. I haven't even thrown anything and its Thursday. Tomorrow morning I will get back to making. We have had some week here. The virus that Joey had spread from Quaid to myself. I am now just feeling a bit better. It was truly awful. So now that I think about it with kids being sick and myself as well, I really only got one morning in my studio to work. It was very productive morning- so I'm sure next week will be great. Joey and I have been really good at working together to get homework done, kids feed, bathed and to bed by 8 so I've been able to sneak out for 2 more hours at night and try to get myself in bed by 10 and not 12 every night. My body hasn't totally adjusted to this yet but I know it will. I have this weekend and a week really to make stuff for our Circle of Eight show. Not a whole lot of time and I'm still nervous about that. I was suppose to teach a class this fall at Gaston College to help bring in some much needed added income for us to send the girls to school. The class did not make unfortunately so I'm stressing about all my shows and being able to make it this year with them in private school. Wish me luck! They have had a good week and we are so lucky that they can go to such a good school I would hate to have to pull them out. But, like everything else I think that some how it will all work out for the best and I just need to take it one day at a time and think upbeat about earning money for them.
Time to go give the kiln a turn up~


amy e said...

Sorry to hear that you all have been sick. We are back to the ole work schedule here. I am actually getting to teach a clay class here this semester. It is a long political story that would be better in e-mail. Academia is all about numbers and money, publicly funded institutions have too many chiefs not many indians. Keep those girls in that private school. Education is being prostituted by the government and I have become their pimp. Amy

Jen Mecca said...

I may need to hire a pimp to keep the kids in private school if I can't make money with my pots!

( Joseph...no comment)

Vicki Gill, potter said...

I remember the days when the kids used to bring home lovely things from school like the flu.
Sorry your class at Gaston didn't fill.