Thursday - down to the wire

Once again I am down to the wire with my glaze kiln. Tonight I will be most likely glazing until 12pm and then hope for the best when I open the kiln tomorrow night. We will be leaving at 5am on Saturday because this go around we just didn't think we should spend the money on a motel room. (It only takes 1 1/2 to get to Blowing from here so....) I'm sure I'll be beat but you do what you have to do. Hopefully Friday afternoon we can get most all of the car packed up and possibly enjoy a dinner out and a movie after we drop the kids off at my folks.
I realise that once I start doing soda again in the big kiln I can not work this way. I guess that is the one draw back to not doing electric anymore. I was thinking how I need to end my cycle of working a week before I usually do so I have some days of breathing room before a show. I remember that fooling with gas kilns and having pilots go out on you can really play havoc with getting pots out on time. Of course with electric firing, not much really goes wrong with equipment. I did have something weird happen the other night when I was doing a bisque. I noticed that the breaker out near my kiln flips off. I'm not sure what that was all about but the bisque I did last night turned off just fine so I'm just hoping this is not an omen to something going a rye this evening with my glaze kiln. If all fails I do have pots for the show I can spread out on my shelves but lord knows I don't want to to that!!!!!
Wish me some good vibes.....


Anonymous said...

Baby - dyslexia or not - I have got to introduce you to the spell checker! Love Joey

Jen Mecca said...

( for some reason I could not get the spell check to work today my dear).
Hey...here's an idea. When you see something that is wrong.....just edit it for me Mr. Tec guy!