Its Sunday....already????

Boy, I've been a little out of the loop with keeping up with my blog. I did have a great week with the kids in camp and my trial run of working in the morning ( but I did sneak out to my studio most nights as well). We still didn't totally get the routine of cleaning up in the night so I wasn't bombarded with tons of chores in the house once I got back from taking the kids. I did manage to get everyone to make there beds in the morning before we left so hopefully small steps will turn into big ones to make my life a bit more easy during the day.
Joey put the tar paper up on my shed yesterday so now we need the roofers to come back and put shingles up there. Once that is done we will start building the kids. I'm going to go ahead and order my bricks on Monday. After several back and forth calls with a rep from a brick company, I decided on a hard alumina brick called a 23's. I guess they come in different ranges of resistance so the salt won't penetrate the surface. The one's I really wanted where a brand name called "clippers" but they where about $4.95 a brick, the ones I'm getting are only $2.30 a brick so cost wise..I need to get the 23's.
As for making pots, in my eyes I didn't get as much stuff made as I would of liked for my show next weekend. When Thursday came around I kind of got side tracked with getting the kids cloths together for a big consignment sale I always do. Last night we had some friends or ours over and today I'm running on slow mode. I blame everything on the heat. Friday the temp. was 104. Today it is cooler but I feel worn out. I'm getting ready to go back out to the studio and make some more things. We'll see how long I can last.


Scott Smith said...

You are going to start building the kids??

I don't know how you can work in this heat at all. You are a true professional.

Ron said...

Haven't you guys built enough kids already?

Jen Mecca said...

Ok, knock out the wise cracks you two.
Why can't Bill Gates invent a computer for dylexsics??????????

And YES, we are done with building kids. We are now dealing with all the "re-call" issues.

Scott Smith said...

Ah, the recalls. I guess your kids were made in China, huh?