New Images

Here are some bigger jars I've been working on. I got into some old books of mine the other day and took a fat magic marker to some plain paper and just starting drawing some new imagery that I saw and appealed to me. I do have a sketch book but its so small and old I just wanted to get sheets upon sheets of paper and hang them all over my studio so when I was grasping for some new things to put on my surfaces I could just look around my studio. I'm excited to see how these will come out. I'm mixing some sprigs, inlay stain and maybe some resist on these. I plan on leaving some of the images white or use my orange stain in places. Like I've said before, I'm just trying to slowly ease over to the salt surface.
On the kiln front, I spoke with my friend Mark Peters the other about the brick I'm looking for. I think there is a place in Charlotte I may be able to get them from- I'll have to check that out tomorrow. I've had some nice morning just working in the studio and odd jobs around the house while the kids have enjoyed a week of camp. I think when school starts we can all get into a good new routine. I'm looking forward to spending more evenings inside than out on the porch.

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