Good Week

Its been a good full first week of school for all of us. I can't believe how less stressed and more organized I seem to be now that I have my mornings free. It has been really good for me and I think the kids are adjusting well to school for the most part as well. ( Of course the one I was most worried about is doing the best, but I won't go into to kids stuff in this entry).

I did get most of my floor laid for the kiln this week. I sort of stopped because I ran into a rather large mouse issue in one of the boxes of soft bricks and went screaming out of my shed. ( I hate mice). But this weekend I'm sure Joey will come to my rescue, escort the mice away and we can keep building. Check back for lots of photo's of that I hope.

My week*

So, every morning I get home at about 8:30, go for a quick walk, do the dishes and make beds really quick and than I've been getting down to business in my studio about 9:30. I work until 12 and then I'm off again to pick up the girls. We have managed to stay on track with the evening events IE. to much homework for a 1st grader, reading books, making lunches, picking up rooms and taking baths by 8 o'clock and then I'm back in the studio until about 10 or 11. So far so good!

Here is photo of a finished flower block. I sort of fooled with the color so you could see the details a bit better than just white on white. I'm moving right along!

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