Back to work

I just got back in my studio this evening. Since Sunday was mothers day , I took a break and spent it with doing "mom" things, plus I was just worn out from Saturday. Monday I had a pretty bad day because I had to put my cat asleep. She had been with me for 16 years and it seemed like longer to me. All today I've been thinking about all the things that cat went through with me and all the places I moved her too. She was a one women cat and pretty much could care less about anyone else. She pretty much hated all my boyfriends but never hissed at Joey so I figured that was a good sign when we started dating. I knew she was really sick last week when she let the kids pet her. As soon as Quaid could reach out his hand to pet her she's hissed at him and the girls as well. So, I knew , it was time. I did have some free time this morning to get out in my studio and work but I was still kind of down in the dumps so I put it off for this evening. It felt good to get out there and clean up my mess from last week and start throwing some easy bowls. Tomorrow night I should really kick into gear. I only have two weeks to make a large amount of work for my next show!

( please if anyone reads this let me know!)

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