Heading to the show

Saturday is the Claymatter's guild spring show in Matthews.....and this is what I've been working for these last few weeks. I just finished glazing my final kiln for the event and as always , hope for the best. In the last bisque load I did have one blow out and as I could of predicted, it was one of my new budvases. But.....The other did survive and I'll have to see how it looks on Saturday with all my other stuff. I do have to admit that when I took it out of the kiln to glaze it, I already saw some design issues that I hadn't while putting it together. I made these really cute "clam boxes" which a potter by the name of Bruce Gholdson use to make. He had this awesome shino he used on them and he did this amazing brush work. When I was working at Cedar Creek before I even had any idea that I was going to be a potter, I use to just drool over his work. Now that I'm a potter I have pretty much put him in some sort of pottery god category. The funny is is that he doesn't do that kind of work anymore and even though I like his new stuff , it just doesn't have that same look of awe to me. Anyways, he made small clam boxes and large one. I"ll have to try the largers one but for now I'll see how there little one's do at the show. I thought they would be nice little boxes for someone's mom to put her jewelry in. The other funny thing about making these boxes is that there is nothing altered about them. They are just round little forms. Of course, now I have an idea to maybe paddle them and see what kind of form I could come up with ...........hummmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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