Where's my tec guy!

Had a pretty good day today. Got to go to a workshop with Kent McLaughlin( hope I spelled that right) and then made pots this evening. I like a day when I get to think only of pots. Really I did that in the workshop and when I got back into the car I switched gears back to "motherly" thinking. Speaking of that, there is a great article in claytimes this month about being a parent and a potter. I was so happy to see the title and read what I feel everyday. I didn't have any kind of solutions or answered to the whole situation but it was nice to feel like I was part of a small group who struggles with the pull back and forth.

Kents workshop was fun. He seems like a really nice, funny layed back guy. There is no air about him and I really like that in a potter, plus I like his pots! Good stories and good conversation made the day go by fast.

I made some salt/pepper trays and some boxes tonight. I keep getting these images or should I say voices in my head about changing the little " basket or tray" that my salt and pepper shakers sit on, but since I'm under a crunch I just stuck with what works for now. Tomorrow I'll finish those pieces and I think move on to some bigger things so they can dry slowly before the bisque at the end of next week.

I almost forgot the why my title says what it says. Joey did get some photo's of my booth from the show last weekend and I tried to post them myself on the web . No luck. That is why I want my tec guy back........I need help!

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Ron said...

Hey Jen, I've been reading your blog. Sorry it took me a while to post a comment. I'll check in again often. It was good to see you Sat. at Clayworks.