ahhhhhhh done......

Well the kiln is loaded and is firing as I write. It is packed to the brim; the very tippy-top. ( there was one thing I just could not fit in no matter how I tried). I plan on firing it very slow since its packed and I want no re-fires. Sometimes my glaze can be kind of "cranky" and make small craters in places. Usually I just stick these pots back in another kiln and they fire out. I think I'm going to have a huge amount of pots to take to my show. Sadly the Artist Walk in downtown York is closing so I will have all those pots as well. The Artist Walk was a great idea and just was not opened long enough for it to take off. They didn't want to pay anyone to run it and the people the volunteered to do all the work got burned out or just unappreciated. Poor York, nothing good can ever stay downtown....Its kind of doomed I think.The other sad thing about that is that is has so much potential. I really can't talk to much about supporting it because I'm guilty of using only two shops down there. Its hard to stroll around downtown with a five year old and a twin carriage. I've got to be really up for that kind of adventure. Anyways, back to my kiln.........I'll take some photo's of the pots when they come out and lots of photo's of the show! Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I like your work. :)

I wanted to mention that when viewing with Firefox, your images on the right of you throwing on the wheel are so large that you can't see the archives or any other links except the profile. It looked fine to me in an Internet Explorer tab.