Larkspur show

I had a fantastic weekend! As I said before, I love to do this show. I wish I had gotten some more photo's but being the technical reject that I am, I only managed to get these few photo's of the show. The first one shows one of the gardeners selling plants, the next one is of my booth and the third one is of my painter friend Georges booth. Of course there were many more exciting things to see there as always. France's gardens are just so wonderful, people come out there just to get seeds from all her plants ( and she lets them!) I don't know what it is about the Raleigh area but I just tend to gel with the type of folks that live there a bit better than here in Charlotte. I know my pots sell better there! Lots more down to earth folks there I think.
My big sellers seemed to be teapots and pretty much the norm from other shows( vases, cups, bowl and casserole's). I have yet to sell one of my clam boxes! I had an idea today to make some very small lidded casseroles. Kind of a "tupperware container" out of clay. I had the idea because I was chopping up onions to have for the week in my morning eggs and couldn't find a lid for any of the plastic ware( what's new). So I reached for a pottery bowl and put plastic over it. I'll let you know when I get to those. Tomorrow is clean up day in the studio and than on to elaborate, one of a kind things for the show I'm doing with my Dad in July. I"ll keep you updated on what I've come up with new for that!

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